Contents of JSA Vol.10 No.3 (2003) 196 - 289
(All articles except the Preface and Errata are in Japanese.)


What is Analytical Chemistry?


Focusing and Positioning of Ion Beam for Sputter Depth Profiling using a Coaxial Sample Stage and a Dual Nano-ammeter
Development of a Submicron Analysis Wavelength Dispersive (WDS) EPMA with a Thermal Field Emission (TFE) type Electron Gun
Calculation of the Exit angle of Characteristic X-ray in Grazing Exit Electron Probe MicroAnalysis


Synthesis of New Carbon Nanostructures by Surface Precipitation - Carbon Nano-Sprout -
Change of XPS spectra for Oxides after Ion Bombardment
Preparation of Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu Superconducting Thin Film by Deposition


Surface Damage of InP by Ion Sputtering

Special Lecture

From material research to information processing, I have shifted my research projects.
After all, altogether, several useful results were drawn out there.


Vocabulary Used in the Surface Analysis (Preliminary TASSA)

Meeting Reports

Report on the 4th Korea-Japan International Symposium on Surface Analysis
Report on PSA02


JSA 10, 144 (2003), M. Suzuki et al., Inverstigation of Mesh Opening Size in Mesh-Replica Method toward Standardization of DepthProfiling Technique

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