Contents of JSA Vol.12 No.2 (2005) 69-280
Proceedings of PSA 04


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Accurate Thickness Measurements in Thin Films with Surface Analysis
Testing of Lateral Resolution in the Nanometre Range Using the BAM-L002 - Certified Reference Material: Application to ToF-SIMS IV and NanoESCA Instruments
Development and Applications of Multiple Delta-Layer Reference Materials for Semiconductor Analysis
New Developments in Data for Auger Electron Spectroscopy and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Recent Developments and Applications in AES and XPS
Challenges in Applying Surface Analysis Methods to Nanoparticles and Nanostructured Materials
The Absolute AES is Coming; Work Functions and Transmission of CMA
Practical Technique for Restraining Differential Charging in X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy: Os Coating
Lateral Resolution of EDX Analysis with Ultra Low Acceleration Voltage SEM
High-Energy Resolution Microcalorimeter EDS System for Electron Beam Excitation
Simulation and Quantitative Interpretation of Electron Spectra for Surface Analysis
Surface Excitation Correction for Elastic Peak Electron Pectroscopy (EPES)
Intrinsic Excitations in Deep Core Auger and Photoelectron Spectra of Ge and Si
Simulation of Thermal Decomposition for Polymer Molecules
Quantitative Measurement of Arsenic Implant Dose by SIMS
Depth Resolution Parameters and Sputtering Rates Extracted from Amorphous and Crystalline Silicon Materials for SIMS Shallow Depth Profiling
SIMS Depth Profiling of Characteristic Thin Surface Layers Formed in Titanium by Mechanical Abrasion and Annealing
The Shave-off Depth Profiling by the Nano-Beam SIMS
A Comparative Study of GDOES, SIMS and XPS Depth Profilingof Thin Layers on Metallic Materials
Problems Caused by Ion Sputtering for the Mesh-Replica Method and Caution in Measuring Sputtered Surface Profiles
The Degradation of Perfluorinated Organic Thin Film During XPS Measurement
Evaluation of Damage Cross Sections by Au Cluster Ion Bombardment
Plasma Modification of Biomaterials Controlled by Surface Analysis
Study of 3D Micro-Scale Analysis of Freeze-Non-Dried Biotissue
Evaluation of Proteins Immobilized on Glass Substrates of Biosensor with TOF-SIMS
Coverage Estimation of Silane Functionalized Perfluoropolyether Layer by using Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, Atomic Force Microscopy and Ion Scattering Spectroscopy
X-Ray Photoelectron and Carbon Kα Emission Spectral Analysis of Polymers by DFT Calculations using QM/MM Method
Effect of Annealing on the Bonding Structure and Dielectric Properties of a-C:F Thin Films
Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry of Isotope-Labeled Iron Corrosion Products
Analysis of Tritium in Ti-3H Thin Film Target by ERD-TOF and (d, α) Reaction
Adsorption of (CH3)2S on c(10×2)Ag/Cu(100) Studied by S K-edge NEXAFS and XPS
Adsorption Behavior of (CH3)2S on Rh(100) Studied by Sulfur K-Edge NEXAFS and XPS
Theoretical Analysis of Photocatalytic Interaction Between TiO2 Cluster and H2O
Analysis of UV-Visible Absorption Spectra for Quartz and Topaz in Silicate Minerals by MO Calculations Using the Cluster Model Molecules
Temperature Dependence of Band Alignment in Ultra-thin HfO2/Si Interface
Invetigation of Hydrophobic Properties of PSII-modified EVOH, LLDPE, and PET Films
Study of Hafnium Related Oxide Thin Films for Advanced Gate Dielectrics Using Surface Analysis
Si Kα Chemical Shift and Charge State of Si in Metal Silicides
Quantification of Surface Effects in Electron Spectroscopy