Contents of JSA Vol.12 No.3 (2005) 283 - 364


A Merit of JSA we should grow


Change of Energy Distribution of He+ Induced Electrons from MgO Thin Film with Ion Irradiation
Determination of Escherichia coli Negative Charge Concentration From XPS Data and Its Variation with pH
Sample preparation for TXRF measurement by glow discharge sputtering

Lecture (in Japanese)

A Cluster Classificahon of XPS, AES Spectra by Spherical Self-Organizing Maps (SSOM)
- An Empirical Use of Software "blossom" -

Software and Standardization in Surface Chemical Analysis

Serial Lecture(in Japanese)

Introduction to Electron Optics for the Study of Energy Analyzing System (5)
A way to get true electron energy spectra of SI compatible by experiments (W)
How to express the attenuation of signal electrons in surface electron spectroscopy
V. Quantitative Surface analysis by XPS and AES

Salon in SASJ (in Japanese) "Standardization of Nanotechnologies"