Contents of JSA Vol.13 No.2 (2006) 135 - 210
Special Issue on Quantitative Surface Chemical Analysis in honor of Kazuhiro Yoshihara


The Founder of Practical Surface Analysis


Recent Advances to Establish XPS as an Accurate Metrology Tool
The MRI-Model in Sputter Depth Profiling : Capabilities, Limitations and Recent Progress
What nano-physical properties can be determined by analysis of elastic peak accompanied by its inelastic background tail in XPS and AES spectra ?
Spectroscopy of electrons excited from solids using high energy photons and electrons


Quantitative Analysis of AlxGa1-xN Thin Films by XPS
A predictive formula for the electron stopping power
Perfluorosilanized Aluminum Oxide Surfaces
Interface potential measurement with electron spectroscopic method
Electron Beam Effects on AES Depth Profiling of SiO2 Thin Film on Si (001) : a Factor Analysis Study
Construction of a data base for secondary electron emission by a novel approach based on Monte Carlo simulations


My Footprints on the Field of Practical Surface Analysis