Contents of JSA Vol.14 No.1 (2007) 1 - 93


What is Objective of JSA?


Transmission Measurement of the CMA; Simulation and Experiments
Backscattering Correction for Auger Electron Spectroscopy I.
Development of an Improved Backscattering Correction Equation for Wide Analytical Conditions (in Japanese)

Serial Lecture (in Japanese)

Introduction to Electron Optics for the Study of Energy Analyzing System (9)
Introduction to Ion Beam Analysis (I) (HEIS, MEIS, LEIS) (2)
A Way to Get “True” Electron Spectra of SI Compatible by Experiments (VI)

SASJ Saloon(in Japanese)

Participating Report on “44th International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique, and Applications (IUVSTA) Workshop
on Sputtering and Ion Emission by Cluster Ion Beams”

Annual Report of SASJ (2006)
Announcement of Practical Surface Analysis ’07 (PSA-07)
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