Contents of JSA Vol.14 No.4 (2008) 292 - 475
Proceedings of PSA-07 (International Symposium on Practical Surface Analysis)
November 25-28, 2007, Kanazawa, Japan



Surface Characterization in Biomaterials Applications (Invited)

10th Anniversary of Powell Prize

Growth and Trends in Auger Electron Spectroscopy and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (Review, Invited)
Sputtering, Cluster Primary Ions and Static SIMS (Invited)


Database construction of Secondary electron emission - Monte Carlo approach combined with supplementary experiment -
(Special lecture, Korea-Japan Symposium)
Theory of High-energy Phtotemission (Invited)
Dynamic Monte Carlo Simulation for High Resolution Depth Profiling of Si/Ge Multilayer Film (Invited)
Relativistic Spin-Polarized X-ray Photoelectron Diffraction Theory from Heavy Elements
Theoretical Study of Plasmon Loss Peaks in Core-level Photoemission Spectra: Energy and Angular Dependence
Depth Distribution of Photoelectron Yield Calculated by Multiple Scattering Theory
Theoretical analysis of AES of 2nd periodic element containing substances
XPS Spectral Simulation of Chitosan in Thermal Decomposition Process
X-Ray Photoelectron Spectral Analysis for Carbon Allotropes
Theoretical Study of Multi-atom Resonant Photoemission

Data analysis/Treatment

Common Data Processing System for ISO Standards (Invited)
A background subtraction program for photo- and Auger electron spectra
Performance analysis of algorithms to detect peaks in XPS spectra

Application/bio-material, organic material

Surface Analysis of Biomolecules: Unravelling biointerfacial interactions (Invited)


Development of a Standards Base for Static SIMS (Invited)
Oxidation Process of Phosphite Antioxidants Monitored by ToF-SIMS
Secondary ion mass spectrometry using size-selected gas cluster ion beam


Surface and Interface Analysis using High Energy Electron Spectroscopy (Invited)
XPS: Issues with Data Acquisition and Data Processing (Invited)
Applying Surface Analysis in Electronics Materials Processing (Review, Invited)
In-situ Characterization of MgO Surface with Discharge Aging at Elevated Temperatures of AC-Plasma Display Panels
(Invited, Korea-Japan Symposium)
Analysis of SiO2 Films on Si Substrate by GD-OES Depth Profiling and GIXR Measurements
Study of Implanted B+ and P+ Ions into Si(100) for Ultra Shallow Junction by SIMS
Electronic Structure of the Bulk of Titanium Hydrides Fractured in Ultrahigh Vacuum by XPS Surface Analysis
Lateral Resolution of EDX Analysis with Low Acceleration Voltage SEM
Photoelectron spectrometer equipped with open counter for electronic structures of organic materials
Si Wafer Surface Etched by Water Droplet Cluster Ion Analyzed with SEM, SPM and XPS
Dopant Profiling on 4H Silicon Carbide P+N Junction by Scanning Probe and Secondary Electron Microscopy
Characterization of Pd(PVP) nanoparticles studied by AFM, Pd L3-edge and Cl K-edge NEXAFS
Temperature dependence of Er nano structure on InP(001)
Coadsorption behavior of (CH3)2S with H2O or D2O on Rh(100) studied by XPS and NEXAFS
Reaction of L-cysteine on Rh(PVP) nanoparticle surface by NEXAFS
Dissociation reaction of (CH3)2S adsorbed on Pd nanoparticles fabricated by gas evaporation method
Extremely Smooth Surface Etching by Giant Cluster Ion Impact
Implant dose measurement and depth profiling of 10-keV implanted As by high-resolution RBS
Member of the Committee of PSA-07