Contents of JSA Vol.15 No.2 (2008) 122 - 214

Special Issue on Auger Electron Spectroscopy in Honor of Professor Keisuke Goto


"Takumi" of Auger Electron Spectroscopy


Spectrum Processing for Quantitative Auger Electron
Electron Backscattering in Sputter Depth Profiling Using AES, EPES, and REELS
Effects of Electron Backscattering in Auger Electron Spectroscopy: Recent Developments
Inelastic Interaction of Medium-Energy Electrons with Ni Surface Studied by
Absolute Reflection Electron Energy Loss Spectrum Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation


Determination of Surface-Excitation Parameters for Elastic Peak Electron Spectroscopy (EPES) Using the Database of Goto
The Standard Auger Electron Spectra in The AIST DUO-DB(111); Ge(111)
Auger Crater Edge Profiling by Water Droplet Impact
Effective Attenuation Lengths for high (up to 15 keV) Energy Photo- and Auger Electrons in Several Elementary Solids
On the Energy Distribution of Secondary Electrons Emitted from Metals


Estimation of Inelastic Mean Free Paths in Au and Cu from Their Elastic Peak Intensity Ratios
without IMFP Values of Reference Material in The 200 - 5000 eV Energy Range

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