Contents of JSA Vol.16 No.1 (2009) 1 - 96, A-1 - A-50


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Round Robin Test for the Quantification and Standardization of Sample Damage during XPS Measurements


XPS Measurement of Organic Thin Film on Solid Surface and its Application

Serial Lecture

Introduction to Electron Optics for the Study of Energy Analyzing System (13)
Photoemission Electron Spectroscopy I: History and Overview

SASJ Saloon

Conference Report on “SAS-09”

Bulletin Board

Quantification of the Behavior of Noise (Preliminary Discussion for SASJ Project)


Erratum: “Oxygen Enhanced Surface Roughening of Si(111) Induced by Low-Energy Xe+ Ion Sputtering” [J. Surf. Anal. 15 , 325 (2009)]
Annual Report of SASJ (2008) Instructions to Authors

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Abstracts of Practical Surface Analysis 2008 (PSA-08)

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