Contents of JSA Vol.17 No.3 (2011) 156 - 359

Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Practical Surface Analysis, PSA-10 and 7th Korea-Japan International Symposium on Surface Analysis
(October 3-7, 2010, Hotel Hyundai, Gyeongju, Korea)


Future PSA beyond First Five Conferences

Plenary Talk

45 years in Monte Carlo simulation for microbeam analysis - A personal retrospective review - (Invited)
Surface Characterization of Nanoparticles: critical needs and significant challenges (Invited)

Standardization and Pre-standardization

Surface Sensitivity of Auger-Electron Spectroscopy and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (Invited) Uncertainty in Quantification of Binary Alloy Films and Thickness Measurement of nm Oxide Films (Invited) Results of Inter-laboratory Tests among SASJ on Accurate Mass Scale Calibration of ToF-SIMS Application of Lubricants Structure on Ophthalmic Lens Spectroscopic Study on the Adsorption Reaction of L-Cysteine on Cu Nanoparticle / Ag under in vivo Condition

Theory and Simulation

Simulation Study of Electron Scattering in Crystalline Solid by Using Bohmian Quantum Trajectory Method (Invited) Band Alignment and Optical Properties of (ZrO2)0.66(HfO2)0.34 Gate Dielectrics Thin Films on p-Si(100) Simulation of Fragmentation of Polyethylene Glycol by Quantum Molecular Dynamics for TOF-SIMS Spectral Analysis

Data analysis and treatment

The Backscattering Correction Factor in AES: A New Outlook (Invited) Analyzing TOF-SIMS Spectra of Biopolymer using Multivariate Curve Resolution Study of the Field Evaporation Mechanism of Laser-assisted Atom Probe

Novel techniques and instrumentations

Quick Observation of Photoelectron Emission Microscopy with Focused Soft X-rays using Poly-capillary Lens Evaluation of Focused Ion Beam for Shave-off Depth Profiling Development of Laser-assisted Wide Angle 3D Atom Probe

Applications I (semiconductor, metal, ceramic, composite, etc.)

Quantitative AES at Interfaces (Invited) Properties of TaN Films for ULSIs Prepared by Reactive Sputter Deposition Analysis of the Optical Second Harmonic Generation from Pt Nanowires on the Faceted MgO(110) Template Quadrupole SIMS Analysis of Si Concentration in GaN Layers by a Molecular Ion Detection with a Minor Isotope Electrical Characterization of Thin Silicon Films Produced by Metal-induced Crystallization on Insulating Substrates by Conductive AFM Development of Si/SiO2 Multilayer Type AFM Tip Characterizers Characterization of Fluorocarbon Thin Films Deposited by ICP and PP The Growth Mechanism of Al doped ZnO using Oxygen Controlled Seed Layer in Si based Thin Film Solar Cells Fabrication of Rh Nanoparticle and Adsorption Reaction with DMS Studied by NEXAFS and XPS Anode Effects in Electroplated Cu Film Surface Pretreatments for Remove of Native Cu Oxide Layer Specimen Preparation for Three-dimensional Atom Probe using the Focused Ion-beam Lift-out Technique Improvement and Evaluation of the Nano-beam SIMS Control System

Applications II (bio, organic, and energy materials)

Challenges of 3-D Characterization of Polymer-based Drug Delivery Devices with Cluster Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (Invited) ToF-SIMS Imaging of Intracellular 39K/40Ca Changes induced by ZnO-containing Nanomaterials (Invited) A Novel Approach to Protein Analysis in Hard Tissues Investigation of Microphase Separation of PS-PPrMA Diblock Copolymer Films by Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Influence of CO2 and H2O on Air Oxidation of Mg Nanoparticles Studied by NEXAFS Characterization of Cu(In Ga)Se2 (CIGS) Thin Films in Solar Cell Devices by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry 2D Visualization of Mannose Distribution using AFM Force Sensing with Probe Modified by Concanavalin A Surface Micro-XAFS and Its Application to Real-time Observation of Organic Thin Films Three-dimensional Analysis of Biological Samples using Dual FIB ToF-SIMS Backscattered Electron Contrast Imaging of Scanning Electron Microscopy for Identifying Double Layered Nano-Scale Elements Chemical Imaging of Biomolecules in Skin using TOF-SIMS and Multivariate Analysis
PSA10: 5th International Symposium on Practical Surface Analysis
Member of the Committee of PSA-10