Contents of JSA Vol.23 No.3 (2017) 137 - 206, A-85 - A-152


Excellence of Surface Analysis Society of Japan


The Introduction of Common Data Processing System Version 12


Electron microprobe analysis of Mg-Ge alloy -Examination of the mass absorption coefficient of Ge for Mg Kα

Technical Report

Auger Electron Spectroscopy of Insulators Using Graphene as Conductive Layers
Evaluation of electrical conductivity of a perovskite-type oxide La1-xSrxMnO3 by x-ray photoemission spectroscopy

SASJ Saloon

Report on PSA-16 (7th International Symposium on Practical Surface Analysis and 9th Korea-Japan Symposium on Surface Analysis)
Report on Question and Answer at ISO Seminar '16
Activity Reports of 3rd Meeting of Young SASJ Members

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Abstracts of the 48th Meeting of SASJ