Contents of JSA Vol.2 No.3 (1996) 349 - 536


Crossing Interface


Standardization of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry


The bases of noise, S/N and Smoothing - III


The quantitative evaluation of sputtering rate and its application to measurement of recovering rate of segregated layer on film surface
Properties of the secondary electron multiplier having a Faraday - cup capability
Relative Sensitivity Factors of Binary Chemical Semiconductor Materials and Silicon Oxide in AES Quantitative Analysis
Study for SiO2 Film on Si(100) by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Technical Report

Surface cleaning and Ar+ Radiation Damage of SiO2
Checking tool for the information of the NPL format
Report on the Electronics Material Group(EMG) Activities The influence of the ion sputtering on the AlGaAs, InGaAs surface
Charge-up problem of SiO2 in AES spectra
Charge compensation in SIMS
Some trials to reduce charging during AES analysis of insulating specimens
Charge Compensation on the SEM Observation with Specimen Heating Method SEM observation of TiO2-Al203 Catalyst


The Differentiation Procedure in the common Data Processing System
National Research Institute for Metals Activity of SASJ Mailing Group "sasj" in Internet

Preliminary TASSA Report

Surface Chemical Analysis-AES and XPS-Rough Outline of Experimental Variables to be Reviewed for Use in the Development of an "International Standard Procedure to Measure and Report Unavoidable Change(s) that Occor During XPS or AES Anlyses"(propose)


Introduction to Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry
Chemical State Analysis by High Energy ResolutionAES
Preliminary Results from High Energy Resolution AES and High Energy Resolution XPS Analyses of n-GaAs and Un-doped GaAs Wafers Fractured in Aie to Give(110) Surfaces and then Ion Etched in UHV.
Sample Rotation in Sputter Depth Profiling

Activity Report of SASJ

Report on Activity of Database Committee
Minute of 6th meeting of Metal Materials Group
Report of 6th Meeting of Electronic Materials Group
Report of the ad-hoc meeting of Electronic Materials Group


Official Data-Input Form for Spectral Database