Contents of JSA Vol.4 No.1 (1998) 1 - 142


Quantitative Analysis

Lecture: Practical Surface Analysis

Imaging with Auger Electrons
Sputter Depth Profiling of Thin Films by AES,XPS and ToF-SIMS
Applicat10ns of the MRI-model in Sputter Depth profiling


Specimen Preparation and Mounting for Surface Analysis (in Japanese)
Quantitative Surface Analysis by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (in Japanese)


Improvement of Transmission Calibration of PHI Spectrometer using Background 0ptimization
Depth profiling of Te-Ge-Sb 0ptical Disk, Depth Profiling of te-Ge-Sb 0ptical Disk
Simulated Data of Valence XPS of Polymers by M0 Calculations Using the Model MoleculesII Cl-, COO-, F-, N-, S-, and Si-Containing Polymers
High Accuracy Determination of the Density of Pt Thin Films by Comparative Measurements of X-ray Reflectivity and Gravimetry

Technical Reports

Surface Cleaning for nip, InAs and InSb Wafers (in Japanese)

Technical Documents

Data Input Manual for Spectral Database with COMPRO Version 5 (in Japanese)

Topical Reports

What is the Problem in AES - Energy calibration in an absolute Auger analyzer -
Current Status of Standardization for Energy Calibration in XPS (in Japanese)
An Introduction for Reference Level Problem (in Japanese)
Electrochemical Potential and Work Function (in Japanese)
Vacuum Level from the Viewpoint of Physics (in Japanese)
XI Format-Converter an ASCII Fi1e Conversion program
Comment on ”Background of the Sensitivity Factors of Auger Electron and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopies” (JSA Vol. 3, No. 3 pp. 699-703 by A. Tanaka and N. Suzuki) (in Japanese)
Replies and Discussions to the ”Comments on ’Background of the Sensitivity Factors of Auger Electron and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopies' " (in Japanese)

Book Review

“Introduction of Surface Analysis” (in Japanese) (K. Yoshihara and M. Yoshitake, Shokabo, 1997) (in Japanese)

Minutes of Working groups

10th meeting of Organic Materials Group
10th meeting of Inorganic Materials Group
10th meeting of Metal Materials Group
10th meeting of Electronic Materials Group
6th meeting of Database Commitee
Journal of Surface Analysis: Guide for Authors
Journal of Surface Analysis: Cumulative Author Index/Contents of Volume 3