Contents of JSA Vol.4 No.2 (1998) 143 - 381
Papers from 3rd lnternationaI Symposium on Advanced Physical Fields -- Fabrication of Nanostructures --

Atomic Assembly of Germanium on Silicon
Atomic Manipulation and Atomic Scale Experiment on Si(111) Surface with STM
Photon Emission STM Using Optical Fiber Bunches
Electronwave Amplitude Oscillation during Tunneling due to Interference
Formation and Manipulation of Semiconducting and Metallic Nanostructures
Man Made and Self Organized Nanostructures
Toward Atom-Scale Silicon Electronics
Self Organization of Molecular Patterns through Hydrogen Bonding
Germanium Nanostructures Deposited by the Cluster-beam Evaporation Technique
Self-Assembly and Self-Organization of Semiconductor Nanostructures
Formation of Ultrathin Ordered Surface Phases by Segregation
Spontaneous Formation of Nanostructures at Metal-surfaces
NEXT: an Experimental Effort Towards Nanoelectronic Devices
Ion Beam Processing of Nanocluster-containing Thin Films
Formation of Metallic Ultrafine Particles in Silica Glass by Ion Implantation
Fabrication of Metal Nanospheres and the Kinetics Controlled with High-flux Negative Ions and the Optical Properties
Nanostructure Effects in Luminescent Materials
THZ Generation from Photoconductive Switches with Naonostructures
Room Temperature SET Effects in Nano-constricted Granular Films
Surface Droplet Epitaxy for Fabrication of MetaUSemiconductor Bilayer Dots on Nanometer Scale
Selective Self-organization of InAs lslands on InGaAs/GaAs Buffer Layers
Nano-Diamond Film Produced from CVD of Camphor
Oxidation Characteristics of Ge Nanocrystals Embedded in an SiO, Matrix
Control of Size and Density of Self-organized Quantum Dots Grown on GaAs(311)B by Atomic Hydrogen-assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Effects of Post Annealing on Self-organized InAs Islands Grown on (OO1)GaP by Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy
STM Atom Manipulation with Different Material Tips
Atomic Force Microscopy and Raman Spectroscopy Study of Ge Quantum Dots Growth
Fabrication of GaN Nanostructure Using Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition
Graphogrowth of Carbon Nanotubes by Chemical Vapor Deposition
Preparation of Isotopically Controlled b -B105 Single Crystals by the Floating Zone Technique
STM Induced Rotacion of Acetylene Molecules Adsorbed on Pd(111)
Fabrication and Structural Observation of Molybdenum and Indium Nanocrystals Deposited on Si(111)Thin Films by UHV-FE-TEM
Nanostructural Effect on Photocurrent Multiplication in Semiconducting Molecular Crystals
On The Mechanism of Scanning Probe Microscope Tip-Induced Nano-Oxidation Process of GaAs
Formation of GaAs Quantum Dots by Low-Temperature Droplet Epitaxy
Direct Three-dimensional Characterization of Buried Interface Morphology with Quantized Electron Waves
Surface Structures and Growth Modes of Nd Deposited on Mo(110) Surface
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Atomic-scale Dangling-bond Structures Fabricated on the Si(100)-2 x 1-H Surface
Fabrication of Buried GaAIAs Microcrystal Structures by Droplet Epitaxy
Advanced Substrate for Fabrication of Nanostructures with XHV Integrated Process
AFM Lithography with a Current-controlled Exposure System
Development of an Instrument for Surface Conductivity Measurements at um Scale Region in Ultra High Vacuum
Nickel Silicide Electrodes Pattern Fabricated by Resistless Electron-beam Lithography Process
On the Use of Pb as Intermediate Adsorbate for the In Situ Preparation of Ideal Si(111)-(1 x 1): H Templates
Artificial Nanostructures Formed on Si(111)-(7 x 7)Surfaces with Ultrahigh Vacuum Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and their Electron Transport Characteristics
Surface Structure of Initial Ag Deposition on Si(100) and Its Local Density of State
Indium Segregation and its Influence to the Quantum Structures of InAs/GaAs Self-assembled Quantum Dots
Self-Assembled Lead Chains on Si(100) and their I-V Characteristics
Electron Transport in Four-Terminal Cross Junction with Potential Barrier in Magnetic Fields
Energy Loss Spectroscopy and Electron Microscopy of Photoluminescent P-type Porous Silicon Treated with NaOH Solution
On-line Formation of Isotopically Controlled Si Films from Fluoro-Silane
The Formation of Copper Clusters Embedded in Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon: an X-ray Absorption Study