Contents of JSA Vol.5 No.1 (1999) 1 - 192
Proceedings of PSA 98 (1998) Part 1

Importance of VAMAS and ISO in Developing Reference Standards and Documentary Standards for Practical Surface Analysis
New Aspects in Quantitative Surface Analysis
Development and Characterization of Thin Film Reference Materials
Anomalous Boron Depth Profile in Si Wafer with High Dose Ion Implantation
Preparatio of SiO2/Si Multilayer Thin Film and its Usage as a Standard Reference Material forDepth Profiling
Stylus Profilometer Round-Robin Study for Depth Measurements
SIMS Round-Robin Study of Depth Profiling of Boron Implants in Silicon
Influence of Surface Excitations on Quantitative Analysis in Electron Spectroscopy
The MRI-model in COMPRO5: A New Data Processing Software for the Quantitative Evaluation of Sputter Depth Profiles
Depth Profiling of GaAs/AlAs Multilayers: Dependence of the Depth Resolution Parameters on the Sputtering Conditions
Determinations of IMFPs for 50 - 5000 eV in Copper with Absolute Elastic Scattering Electron Spectroscopy
Secondary Ion Emission from Alkali/Si Systems
Remote Electron Microscope
A Statistical Approach to the Automated AES/XPS Qualitative Analysis
Principles of Multivariate Analysis with Emphasis on Factor Analysis
KLL Auger Spectra of 3d Transition Metals (Cu, Ni) and Their Alloys
An Interpretation of the Shoulder Peaks on the High Energy Resolution N KL2,3L2,3 Auger Line Shape of TiN Extracted by Target Factor Analysis
XPS Photoelectron Profilography
Si-L2,3 Soft X-ray Emission Spectra by Quantitative Analysis of Silicides/Si System: Simulation and Experiment
Angular Distribution of Elastically Backscattered Electrons and the Depth of Electron Penetration
Smoothing of Chemical Analysis Data by Neural Networks
Common Data Processing System Version 5
Application of Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) to Chemical Data Analysis
Possibility of Determining Integration Boundaries of a Broad Peak using Only the Shirley Method
Surface Analysis for the Process and Device Characterisation in Microelectronics Mnufacturing Plants
Backside SIMS Analysis of Zinc Profiles in InGaAsP
Investigation on Ga Contamination due to Dual Beam FIB for In-line Use
Design of Double Multilayer Monochromator for TXRF Optics by using Ray-Tracing Simulation
Boron Redistribution during Silicidation Process of Titanium-Silicon System
Depth Profiling Comparison between TOF-SIMS and Quadrupole SIMS at Near Surface Region
Interface Effect in O2+-SIMS Depth Profiling of In1-xGaxAs1-yPy/InP Multilayer Samples
In Situ Observation of Growing Film Surface by Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction Beam Excited Auger Electron Spectroscopy
Applications and Further Developments of Medium Energy Ion Scattering Spectroscopy for Surface and Interface Analysis
Three-Dimensional Microanalysis of Solid Materials using Ion and Electron Dual Focused Beam Apparatus
Application of High Purity Ozone Beam to Charge Compensation in Surface Analysis by AES/XPS
Background-Free Auger Spectra from the Surface Top-Layer Measured by Positron-Annihilation Induced Auger-Electron Spectroscopy
A Study of Charge Compensation for Insulator Samples in AES by Low Energy Ion Beam Irradiation
Semiconductor Surface Analysis by Total Reflection X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Amplification Stability of Channel Electron Multiplier for Residual Gas
Chemical State Analysis by Auger Microprobe with Hemispherical Energy Analyzer
Auger Electron Emission from Metals under Gallium Focused Ion Beam Bombardment
Microarea Analysis using Auger Electrons Induced by Gallium Focused Ion Beam
Depth Profiling of Arsenic Shallow Implants in Silicon Using Low Energy Cs Ion Beam on Quadrupole SIMS
Technical Proposal for Measurement of Sputtered Depth Using a Mesh - Especially for Auger Depth Profiling -