Contents of JSA Vol.6 No.2 (1999) 131 - 259


Is APS nostalgia for my youthful days ? (in Japanese)

Lecture: Practical Surface Analysis

COMPRO Version 6 Getting Started (1) (in Japanese)


Characterization of Micro-Corrosion on Magnetic Recording Disks by ToF-SIMS and AAS
Influence of Tilt Angle on Peak profile in AES Measurement of Insulator
Synthesis and Structure of Polymer/Metal Interfaces: a Convergence of Views between Theory and Experiment
Accurate Density Functional Calculation of Core XPS Spectra: Towards an Evidencing of Intermolecular Effects at Real Interfaces via XPS ?
C 1s CEBEs of Hydrocarbons on Elemental Oxides. I. MO Caluculations using CH4 Model Molecules
Spectral Analysis of XPS of Diamond and Graphite by MO Calculations using Model Molecles

Technical Reports

Improvement and Control Method of the Sample Stage on the Scanning Probe Microscope (in Japanese)
Quantitative Electron Microprobe Analysis of Porous Specimens (in Japanese)
Determination of Oxygen Content in the Oxide Layer on a High-Purity Copper Specimen by XPS (in Japanese)
A Comparison with a Factor Analysis and a Non-negative Least Square curve fitting method for Auger depth profiles (in Japanese)

Topical Reports

Characterization of Siliconoxide Thin Films by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy(in Japanese)
Thickness Evaluation of Thin Silicon Dioxide (in Japanese)
A Proposal for the Sputter Etching Rate Database (in Japanese)
Proposal of Sputtered Depth Measurement using Metallic Mesh (in Japanese)
Activity Report from Material Ggroups in SASJ (in Japanese)

Salon in SASJ

Report from IUVSTA Workshop "XPS: from Physics to Data" (in Japanese)

Book Review

Advanced in Quantum Chemistry Vol. 29 - electronic structure of clusters - Editor-in-chief: P. O. Lowdin, Editor: J. R. Sabin, M. C. Zerner, E. Brandas, L. Kover, J, Kawai, and H. Adachi, Academic Press, 1997, ISBN: 0-12-034829-2

Minutes of Working groups

10-th meeting of Database Committee
13th meeting of Organic Materials Group
13th meeting of Metal Materials Group
13th meeting of Electronic Materials Group
Spectral database: Guide for Submission to SASJ
Journal of Surface Analysis: Guide for Authors