Contents of JSA Vol.6 No.3 (1999) 260 - 321


My SOM (Self-Organizing Maps) Study (in Japanese)

Lecture: Practical Surface Analysis

COMPRO Version 6 Getting Started (II) (in Japanese)


Effect of Surface Orientation on Surface Composition in a Polycrystalline Fe-Cr-Ni Alloy
Surface Potential Distribution Measurements of the real slits for high-resolution electron energy analyzer (in Japanese)

Technical Reports

Contamination-free Method of Vacuum Introduction for Clean Sample (in Japanese)

Salon in SASJ

Diary at Sevilla from ECASIA'99 (in Japanese)
Report from ECASIA'99 (in Japanese)
Discussions on Internet (in Japanese)

Bulletin Board

Invitation to SASJ Short Courses of "Practical Surface Analysis with great skill"

Minutes of Working groups

11-th meeting of Database Committee

Spectral database: Guide for Submission to SASJ
Journal of Surface Analysis: Guide for Authors