Contents of JSA Vol.7 No.2 (2000) 148 - 298


Harmonization of Private and Public Activities


Microanalysis by an analytical electron microscope (in Japanese)
Self-recovery function on Zr-O/W(100) surface at high temperature (in Japanese)
Small Area XPS analysis of industrial materials (in Japanese)
Evaluation of Spatial Resolution and Light Elements Analysis of Precipitates in Steel by AES (in Japanese)
Chemical Spectra Analysis via Internet (in Japanese)


Work Function Measurements by High Spatial Resolution using a Scanning Auger Electron Microscope (in Japanese)
The Accurate Correction Technique for Quantitative AES Analysis of Ceramic Surface (in Japanese)
Estimation of Residual Gas in UHV Chamber Based on Initial Oxidation Study of GD (in Japanese)
Investigation of Mounting Methods in Composite Materials for XPS (in Japanese)
Thickness Measurements of Native Oxide Layer on the Polycrystal Silicon exposed to the Air for Three Years (in Japanese)

Technical Reports

Hole-shape-optimization by FIB Sample Preparation for AES Small Area Analysis (in Japanese)
Imaging of Defects in IIa Diamond by Cathodoluminescence Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

Data Reports

Presented Data for SASJ Spectral Database (in Japanese)


Evaluation of SiO2 film by EELS(2) (in Japanese)
Cross-sectional Imaging of AlGaAs/GaAs Multilayers by ToF-SIMS (in Japanese)
Energy Calibration by using elastically backscattered primary Electrons in AES:10〜1200eV (with improved CMA) (in Japanese)

Salon in SASJ

Network discussion (in Japanese)
Report on International Symposium - IMFP 2000 – (in Japanese)

Bulletin Board

PSA-01/ First Announcement Journal of Surface Analysis: Guide for authors
Journal of Surface Analysis:Cumulative Author Contents/Index of Volume 6