Contents of JSA Vol.8 No.1 (2001) 1 - 124


At the beginning of the Year


Ghost Spectra and Rubbish Electrons in a CMA
Silicide Formation Process for Source-Drain Depending on Silicon Substrate Type in Advanced CMOS Logic Devices (in Japanese)


Depth Profiling Analysis by Auger Electron Spectroscopy (in Japanese)
Spectrometer function of various AES instruments
Effect of Transmission Function on XPS Quantitative Analysis (in Japanese)
Background Removal (in Japanese)
The Practice of QUASES-Tougaard Method (in Japanese)

Topical Reports

Surface Quantification Method with Average Matrix Sensitivity Factors (in Japanese)
Data Mining by Self-Organizing Maps using XPS Spectra of 77 Elements (in Japanese)
A study on absolute measurements of number of X-ray quanta in XPS:calorimetry (in Japanese)
Opening the Time Capsule EXPO’70 (in Japanese)
Report on Sputter Etching Rate Database (SERD) Project of SASJ (in Japanese)

One Point Technique

Sample Positioning system using Laser-pointer (in Japanese)

Salon in SASJ

Report from 4th Meeting on Practical Surface Analysis, PSA-00 (in Japnese)

Minute of the 18th meeting of SASJ executive committee
Member list of SASJ executive committee
SASJ member ID application form
Spectral Database: Guide for Submission to SASJ
Journal of Surface Analysis: Guide for Authors
Journal of Surface Analysis: Cumulative Author Index / Contents of Vol.7