Contents of JSA Vol.8 No.2 (2001) 125 - 267


Electron Attenuation Length in AES and XPS


Historical Auger Electron Spectroscopy. II
A Few Applications of AES Chemical State Analysis (in Japanese)
Log-Log Display of AES Spectra: Advanced Sickafus Plot
Backgrounds of Electron-exited Auger Specra (in Japanese)
The Analysis which is Possible by using EPMA (in Japanese)

Topical Reports

Chemical State Analysis in Microscopic Area with Electron Probe Micro Analyzer (in Japanese)
Typical Changes of Characteristic X-ray Line Shapes Obtained by EPMA (in Japanese)
Report from SERD Project (2) (in Japanese)


ISO Standard on Calibration of Energy Scale for XPS
“ Surface Chemical Analysis- X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometers-Calibration of Energy Scale ”(in Japanese)

Activity and Current State of ISO/TC201/SC4: Depth Profiling (in Japanese)


Temperature Measurement of Specimen in XPS Analysis (in Japanese)
Examination of Detection Limit and Background Reduction using Grazing Incidence X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (in Japanese)
Alternation of Ti 2p XPS Spectrum for TiO2by Low Energy Ar Ion Bombardment (in Japanese)
Evaluation of SiO2 films and SiO2/Si Interfaces by Graded Etching (in Japanese)
A Specimen Preparation Method of Porous Material (in Japanese) for Small Cross-section Area Analysis by AES
Surface Analysis of Glaze on Sanitary Ware (in Japanese)

Technical Reports

Thin Film Method for Insulator Specimen in Auger Analysis (in Japanese)

Important Information from SASJ Network Service
Minute of the SERD Project Meetings (1st-3rd)
Minute of the 15th SASJ meeting
Minute of the 19th meeting of SASJ executive committee
Member list of SASJ executive committee
SASJ member ID application form
Spectral Database: Guide for Submission to SASJ
Journal of Surface Analysis: Guide for Authors