Contents of JSA Vol.8 No.3 (2001) 268 - 535
All the articles are in Japanese. Reprint of Technical Reports published in 1989 and 1994 on VAMAS-SCA activity in Japan.


Technical Report on Surface Composition Analysis by Auger Electron Spectroscopy (1989)

2.Optimum Positioning of the Specimen with respect to the CMA
3.Quantitative Surface Composition Analysis of Au-Cu Alloy
4.Surface Composition Analysis of Co-Ni Alloy
5.Surface Composition Analysis of Pt-Ir Alloy
6.Development of an Absolute Auger Electron Analyzer
8.List of Publications

Lectures on Practical Surface Analysis (1994)

1.Source (electron, X-ray, ion)
2.Electron Analyzer
3.Electron Detector
4.Sputtering Process
5.Excitation Process
6.Escape Process
7.Background (1)
8.Background (2)
9.Data Processing
11.Sample Handling
12.Points on AES Measurements
13.For Measurement of Correct Spectra
Notes on 1st Seminar(1993.2.4)
Notes on 2nd Seminar(1993.5.31)