Contents of JSA Vol.9 No. (2002) 1 - 148


Activities on Surface Analysis in Korea

Proceedings of the International Symposium on

New Trends and Possibilities of Surface Analysis
- Towards the Analysis of Nano-structured Materials -

AES and XPS analysis of nanowear and thin films
Possible Application of Appearance Potential Spectroscopy (APS) to Studies of Empty Electronic States, Short Range Ordering, and Work Function for Nano-Material Surfaces
Absolute Electron Energy Analyzer
Determination of the differential surface excitation parameter from experimental REELS data
Information on local electronic sturucture at surfaces and interfaces from analysis and interpretation of electron spectra
Surface Analysis of Compound Semiconductor Nano-structures by AFM and STM


Present status of the international standards -ISO and VAMAS- (in Japanese)
The Present Status and the Trend of ISO TC201 on Surface Chemical Analysis
-Terminology, General Procedure, Data Management and Treatment- (in Japanese)

-Depth Profiling- (in Japanese)
-Auger electrons spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy- (in Japanese)
-Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry- (in Japanese)
-Background and Present Status of International Standardizaion of Glow DischargeSpectrometry- (in Japanese)

Topical Reports

Calibration of energy scale for AES in ISO standards
Auger Quantitative Analysis with Relative Sensitivity Factors
Activity in SASJ toward Standardization


Quantitative Evaluation of Electron Irradiation Damage on SiO2/Si with AES (in Japanese)
Development of Unique Specimen Holder for LEED-AES Study at High Temperatures

Enhanced surface sensitivity in TOF-SIM Sunder well optimized Low Primary Beam Energy (in Japanese)
Possibilities of TOF-SIMS Approach for Biometrics (in Japanese)

New Technology

X-ray Photoelectron Emission Microscopy (XPEEM) (in Japanese)

Technical Notes

Spectral analysis with the spreadsheet software (in Japanese)

Salon in SASJ

Report from Skill-up Seminar of Electron Spectroscopy, 2001 (in Japanese)
Report from The 2nd International Symposium on Practical Surface Analysis, PSA-01 (in Japanese)

Minute of the 4th SERD Project Meetings
Member list of SASJ executive committee
SASJ member ID application form
Spectral Database: Guide for Submission to SASJ
Journal of Surface Analysis: Guide for Authors
Journal of Surface Analysis 投稿票