Contents of JSA Vol.9 No.2 (2002) 149 - 272



Development of Ultra High Vacuum Transmission Electron Microscope for In Situ Observation of Silicides And Island Formation on Silicon Surface at High Temperatures by Reflection And Transmission Electron Microscope
Analysis of Layered Structure at the Surface and Near-surface of Deposited Thin Film Materials by High-resolution Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy
Grazing Exit Electron Probe Microanalysis of Inclusions in a Stainless Steel


Comments to Quantitative Evaluation of Electron Irradiation Damage on SiO2/Si with AES : Example Solutions of Kinetics for Irreversible Step Reactions
(The author comments on the article by Kimura et al., JSA Vol.9 No.1 (2002), pp.75)


Theoretical Consideration of Line Intensities and Widths in Electron Spectroscopies
Calibration of Energy Scale for High Energy Resolution AES
Thin Film Analysis in Electron Probe X-ray Microanalysis (EPMA)
Grazing Incidence X-Ray Diffraction/Scattering for Characterizing Surface and Thin Film Structures
Evaluation of delta-doped layers using SIMS


On Secondary Electrons (1) Generation model and universal curve
Discussions on the SASJ mail group

Conference Report

Report on the XPS Workshop at Saint-Malo

Proposal for TASSA Report

Memories of Dr. Sekine
Start of Standardization Committee and Surface Analyst Accredited
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