Contents of JSA Vol.9 No.4 (2002) 487 - 574


Shall we get up our courage to remove a paving stone?


Bias Voltage Dependence of "Work Function" at Nanometer-Scale by Scanning Tunneling Microscope (in Japanese)
Development of Evaluation Method of Sample Damage of Organic Material Caused by X-rays Irradiation on XPS. Results of Round Robin Test (in Japanese)
C 1s CEBSs of Hydrocarbons on Elemental Oxides. U. The Adsorption Type of CH4 on the MgO Cluster
Sputter Etching Rate Ratio of Si to SiO2 using Mesh-Replica Method


A Round Robin Test on XPS Transmission Function

Proposal for TASSA Report

Guide to some methods for detecting peaks in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and Auger electron spectroscopy

Invitation to Participate in a New Round Robin Test
SASJ member ID application form
Application from for Surface Analyst Accredited
Spectral Data Submission Guide
Spectral Data Submission Form
Instructions to Authors
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