The Program of the 3rd Korea-Japan International Symposium on Surface Analysis

(November 2-3, 2000,  Hotel Hundai, KyongJu, Korea)

November 2, 2000

[Chairs] D. W. Moon (KRISS, Korea), S. Tanuma (Japan Energy Corp., Japan)

08:30 Opening Addresses

D.W. Moon (KRISS, Korea), K. Yoshihara (NRIM, Japan)

08:40 [01] Invited: A Novel Approach for Atomic Level Characterization by JSPS-Super Electron Microscope

R. Shimizu (Osaka Inst. Technol., Japan)

09:10 [02] Reactive ion scattering study of chemistry on ice: frozen HCl and NH3

S.-C. Park, K.-W. Maeng, and H. Kang (Pohang Univ. Sci. Technol., Korea)

09:30 [03] Metrological Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer : Ghost Spectra and Rubbish Electrons in AES

K. Goto (Nagoya Inst. Technol., Japan), and N. N. Rahman

09:50 [04] Fermi level movements of GaN covered by transition metal films: what determines its position?

J. M. Seo (Chonbuk Nat'l Univ., Korea), C. Y. Kim, J. H. Kim, and H. J. Kang

10:10 [05] Work Function Measurement and its Applications using a Scanning Auger Microscope

M. Kudo (JEOL Ltd., Japan), Y. Sakai, and T. Ichinokawa


10:30 Coffee Break


[Chairs] H. Kang (Pohang Univ. Sci. Technol, Korea), K. Goto (Nagoya Inst. Technol., Japan)

10:50 [06] A study of Al2O3 thin films by X-ray Induced Electron Emission Spectroscopy (XIEES)

J. C. Lee (SAIT, Korea), S. A. Song, Y. Yuryev, and C. B. Lim

11:10 [07] Adsorption and decomposition of triethylindium (TEI) on a GaP(001)-(2x1) surface studied by LEED, STM, TPD, and HREELS

Y. Fukuda (Shizuoka Univ., Japan), T. Kobayashi, T. Sekizawa, S. Mochizuki, and N. Sanada

11:30 [08] Characterization of NO Oxynitride Films by XPS with Chemical Profiling

I. S. Choi (HEI, Korea), H. J. Kim, and S. Y. Lee

11:50 [09] EPMA Line Analysis of Chemical States for Chromium by LLS Calculation for Characteristic X-rays Spectra

S. Hashimoto (Kokan Keisoku, Japan), Y. Kitahara, Y. Tsuchiya, and T. Nishuimura


12:10 Lunch


[Chairs] J. M. Seo (Chonbuk Nat'l Univ., Korea), K. Yoshihara (Nat'l Res. Inst. Metals, Japan)

13:30 [10] Measurements of Sputter Depth using a Metallic Mesh and Application to Actual Specimens

K. Mogi (NTT-AT, Japan) and M. Suzuki

13:50 [11] Characterization of SrBi2Ta2O9 Film with X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

K. Y. Min (HEI, Korea)

14:10 [12] Comparative Study on Depth Resolution in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and Sputtered Neutral Mass Spectrometry

Y. Higashi (NTT-AT, Japan) and A. Takano

14:30 [13] PZT surface deformation by energetic Ar+ ion sputtering

J. M. Choi (SAIT, Korea), D. H. Oh, H. I. Lee, S. H. Baik, and D. W. Moon


14:50 Coffee Break


15:10 [14] Experimental Estimation of Electron Effective Attenuation Lengths using Synchrotron Radiation in Silicon Dioxide Films

M. Suzuki (NTT-AT, Japan), H. Shimada, S. Tanuma, and C. J. Powell

15:30 [15] Development of delta doped multilayers in Si for SIMS shallow junction analysis

D. W. Moon (KRISS, Korea), K. J. Kim, and H. J. Kim

15:50 [16] XPS Studies of Electrode Surface of Fuel Cell

Y. Iijima (JEOL Ltd., Japan), T. Tazawa, and N. Furuya

16:10 [17] Quantitative Analysis on the Surface Structure of Ultrathin Al2O3 Films on Metal Substrates

M. B. Lee (Kyungpook Nat'l Univ., Korea), J. H. Lee, J. H. Lee, and N. V. Richardson


16:30 Coffee Break


[Chairs] Y. H. Lee (KIST, Korea), M. Inoue (Setsunan Univ., Japan)

16:50 [18] Non-destructive depth profile analysis by high-energy synchrotron- radiation XPS

H. Yamamoto (JAERI, Japan) and Y. Baba

17:10 [19] Surface Characterization of Ion Beam-Treated Polymers

Y. H. Lee (KIST, Korea), S. H. Han, H. E. Lim, H. S. Jung, J. H. Cho, and Y. W.

17:30 [20] Charge compensation of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy for Composite Materials

Y. Mori (NGK Insulators Ltd., Japan)

17:50 [21] Development of Boron-Doped Silicon Thin Film as a Reference Material for SIMS Quantification

K. J. Kim (KRISS, Korea), H. K. Kim, D. W. Moon, and C. J. Park

18:10 [22] Sputter Etching Rate Database (SERD) Project of SASJ

M. Inoue (Setsunan Univ.) and SERD project group of SASJ


19:00 Banquet (Symposium Reception)


November 3, 2000

[Chairs] Y. S. Park (KRISS, Korea), M. Suzuki (NTT-AT, Japan)

08:30 [23] Measurements of Electron Inelastic Mean Free Paths in Several Elemental Solids.

S. Tanuma (Japan Energy Corp., Japan), M. Suzuki, S. Ichimura, and K. Goto

08:50 [24] The in-depth distribution of argon in Si surface after 3kev Ar+ ion bombardment

H. J. Kang (Chungbuk Nat'l Univ., Korea), D.W. Oh, H. I. Lee, and D.W. Moon

09:10 [25] Characterization for SiO2/Si and silicide/Si interface by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy with difference method

T. Ohama (Hiroshima Inst. Technol., Japan), T. Tanaka, and K. Kawabata

09:30 [26] Characterization of Pd-Ga alloys by synchrotron-radiation

Y. S. Lee (Taejon Nat'l Univ. Technol., Korea), J. H. Kim, J. H. Kim, H. J. Kim, and C. N. Whang

09:50 [27] Silicide Formation Process for Source-Drain Depending on Silicon Substrate Types in Advanced CMOS Logic Devices

M. Nakamura (Fujitsu Ltd., Japan), Atsuo Fushida, and T. Iikawa

10:10 [28] Preferential Sputtering of Various Tungsten Silicides Studied by XPS and MEIS

Y. Park (KRISS, Korea), I. Y. Hwang, H. I. Lee, K. J. Kim, and D. W. Moon


10:30 Coffee Break


[Chairs] J. W. Lee (Hallym Univ., Korea), M. Nakamura (Fujitsu Ltd., Japan)

10:50 [29] Discussions for Pulse Counting using Poissons Statistics

A. Tanaka (ULVAC-PHI Inc., Japan)

11:10 [30] Effect of fluoride layer insertion on the electronic structures of Al/Alq3 interfaces studied by photoelectron spectroscopy

D. Y. Kim (Hallym Univ., Korea) and Y. Park

11:30 [31] Thickness Measurement of Native Oxide Layer on the Polycrystal Silicon exposed to the Air for Three Years

K. Yanagiuchi (TDK Corp., Japan)

11:50 [32] XPS studies of ion bombarded polymer surfaces

J. W. Lee (Hallym Univ., Korea) and T. H. Kim


12:10 Closing Remark

J. W. Lee (Hallym Univ., Korea)


12:20 Lunch


14:00 Excursion (Symposium Tour to Pulguksa and Sokkuram)