Group photo at Okinawa Convention Centre

Dear Colleagues,

The iSAS-09 was successfully finished.
Thank you very much for your kind and warm cooperation,

All the committee members of the iSAS-09.

Sea of Okinawa photo by OCVB

Welcome to the home page of the iSAS'09, the International workshop for Surface Analysis and Standardization '09, organized by the Surface Analysis Society of Japan and the Committee of surface chemical analysis in NIMS for VAMAS TWA2.

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Update history information:

01-09-2008 1st version uploaded
29-09-2008 Online Registration page opened.
Instructions, forms and templates of extended abstract uploaded ("Instructions for authors" page).
10-10-2008 The list of Invited Speakers uploaded ("Invited Speakers" page).
10-11-2008 Update of the list of Invited Speakers
12-12-2008 Update of the banner at the top of each page.
20-12-2008 Program Timetable (tentative) uploaded.
04-02-2009 Update of the Invited Speakers page.
10-02-2009 Update of the Program Timetable.
12-02-2009 Update of the Program Timetable
(Title of P-1 and chairperson for Session 1+2 are changed, and P-17 is added.).
20-02-2009 Instructions for Presentations uploaded
("Instructions for authors" page).


iSAS-09 is sponsored by
Surface Analysis Society of Japan
Committee of surface chemical analysis in NIMS for VAMAS TWA2