Insructions for authors


All presenters are requested to submit their abstract as an extended abstract of the Journal of Surface Analysis (JSA). The number of pages is approximately 4 pages including figures and tables. The format of the extended abstract in the MS Word form can be downloaded from here. Please prepare the manuscript according to the instruction written in the format. Only the manuscript prepared with grayscale can be acceptable and the quality of colored figures in the published book is not guaranteed.

All extended abstracts will be reviewed by the same process as those for regular manuscripts submitted to the JSA. After being accepted for publication, the extended abstract will be published. For ensuring the period required for the reviewing and refereeing process, the deadline of submission of the extended abstract is set as Sunday 30th November 2008.

Please send the electronic file (an MS Word file of the manuscript including all figures and tables) and submission form to the Secretary of the Workshop by the deadline of the submission.

Notification of acceptance:

The acceptance of your presentation will be informed after the reviewing process. If you do not receive any information by January 30th 2009, please contact the publication committee of the iSAS-09.

Assignment of a chairperson for your poster presentation:

If you are going to present in the poster sessions, you can request the assignment of a chairperson for your presentation. To request the chairperson assignment, please mark and fill out relevant part in the submission form.

If you request the assignment of a chairperson for your presentation, the assigned chairperson will assist you by:

  • Checking your poster before your short presentation. The assigned chairperson may contact you before your presentation. You can discuss about your presentation including your short presentation in English with the assigned chairperson before your presentation as well.
  • Being chairperson during your poster presentation as well as short presentation.
  • Translating questions and comments given in English into Japanese, and your answers in Japanese into English, if required.

Instructions for presentations:

Download PDF version of Instructions for presentations

All of both the oral and poster presentations are held in Conference hall B1 (2nd floor of Conference Building B).

Oral presentations (Tutorial and invited talks)

A PC projector and a laptop computer (Windows XP & MS Office 2003) will be available in the session hall (Conference hall B1). You can bring your own laptop computer and connect it to our system during a break time prior to the session featuring your presentation. Please bring the copy of your file for presentation (ppt format) saved on a CD-R or a USB memory stick in anticipation of any possible trouble with your PC. Overhead projectors, 35-mm slide projectors or any other equipment are NOT available.

The presenters should keep the allotted time for the presentation including 5 or 10 minutes discussion depending on the type of your talk as follows.

  • Tutorial talks: 50 minutes-presentation time including 10 minutes-discussion.
  • Invited talks: 30 minutes-presentation time including 5 minutes-discussion.

Poster presentation

The poster exhibition will be held in the same hall as the oral presentation (Conference hall B1).

The size of the poster panel is 120 cm in width and 200 cm in height. The maximum size of your poster should be 120 cm wide and 120 cm high.

Presenters are requested to mount their posters on the panels assigned by the poster numbers in the morning of March 17 (Tue), 2009. Your poster number will be displayed with printed figures in the upper left corner of the poster board. Your poster should be attached on the surface by a material that will be provided by the workshop staff.

In the afternoon of March 17 (Tue), the poster session only for viewing is organized. The attendees of the workshop can check all of the posters before the short and poster presentation assigned on March 18 (Wed).

In the morning of March 18 (Wed), the presenters are assigned to give their short oral presentation for 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes-discussion. Each presenter is requested to bring your slide file (Microsoft Power Point, .ppt format) saved on a CD-R or a USB memory stick to the session hall and copy your slide file to a laptop computer (Windows XP & MS Office 2003) available in the session hall before the session starts. In cases, please bring the PDF version (1 slide/page) of your presentation. The name of the file shall be 'P-**-family_name.ppt', where ** is the poster number. The poster number can be confirmed in the Scientific program.

During the poster session in the afternoon of March 18 (Wed), odd and even number posters shall be alternately presented for 2 hours.

Each poster shall be removed as soon as the poster session closes (at 15:40 of March 18). Any poster which is left on the panel after the closing of the symposium will be discarded by the executive committee.


The forms, instructions and templates for the iSAS-09 extended abstract can be downloaded. The files are in Microsoft® Word format, if not otherwise specified.

Extended abstract contribution form
Instructions to authors
Mini-template (pdf format)
Copyright transfer agreement
Reprint order form