Scientific Program

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Scientific topics
Tutorial session
Oral presentation
Poster presentation
Program Time table

Scientific topics:

The iSAS-09 is focused on the surface chemical analysis standardization, applications, and related topics.
The subject will cover all topics listed below.

1. Standardization/Pre-standardization
2. Theory/Simulation
3. Data analysis
4. Novel techniques
5. Instrumentations
6. Applications

Tutorial session:

Tutorial session, with oral presentation given by invited speakers, is organized in the program. The tutorial session is focused on "depth analysis".

Oral presentation:

The topics of most of oral presentations are focused on "depth profiling". The oral presentation consists of 20 min-presentation and 10 min-discussion (tentative).

Poster presentation:

The topics of poster presentations are not limited to "depth profiling". All the topics listed above are welcome. The presenters of the poster session are requested to give a 5 min-short presentation followed by 5 min-discussion before the poster session. For an active and detailed discussion, a poster chairperson, who gives an assistance to the presenter, will be assigned to each poster on demand (please see "Instructions for authors" page on how to request for a poster chairperson). Several seats for audiences will be prepared in front of each poster as that of the oral session.

Program Time table (Tentative):

Download PDF version (detailed program is attached)

Sunday, March 15th
Program Time Remarks
Registration 16:00-18:00 At Lobby of the TOYOKO Inn Naha Asahibashi-Ekimae Hotel.
Please see here.
Informal get-together 18:00-20:00 Please come to the Registration Desk.
Monday, March 16th
Program Time Remarks
Registration 10:00-10:20 Registration on March 15th is strongly recommended.
Opening 10:20-10:30
Session 1: Tutorial 1
T-01 H.J. Kang
10:30-11:20 Chair: N. Suzuki and H. Yoshikawa
Break 11:20-11:35
Session 2:
Non-destructive analysis

O-01 S. Hajati
O-02 K. Nakajima
11:35-12:35 Chair: N. Suzuki and H. Yoshikawa
Lunch 12:35-13:45 Included in the registration fee.
Please see here.
Session 3:
SIMS and Cluster ions

O-03 K.J. Kim
O-04 H. Itoh
O-05 Y. Abe
13:45-15:15 Chair: K. J. Kim and Y. Abe
Break 15:15-15:35
Session 4:
Sputter depth profiling

O-06 M. Suzuki
O-07 T. Ogiwara
15:35-16:35 Chair: H. J. Kang and T. Nagatomi
Break 16:35-16:55
Session 5:
Depth distribution function

O-08 Z. J. Ding
O-09 H. Yoshikawa
16:55-17:55 Chair: H. J. Kang and T. Nagatomi
Tuesday, March 17th
Program Time Remarks
Session 6: Tutorial 2
T-02 A. Jablonski
09:30-10:20 Chair: Z. J. Ding and S. Hajati
Break 10:20-10:40
Session 7: XPS
O-10 H. Iwai
O-11 F. Liu
O-12 H. Tohma
10:40-12:10 Chair: Z. J. Ding and S. Hajati
Lunch 12:10-13:30 NOT included in the registration fee.
Please see here.
Session 8:
Poster (for viewing)
13:30-17:00 Presenters are requested to put their posters on the panel.
Informal get-together 18:30-20:30 Detailed information will be provided at the conference site.
Wednesday, March 18th
Program Time Remarks
Session 9:
Poster short presentation 1

09:30-10:50 Chair: J. H. Lee and H. Iwai
Break 10:50-11:10
Session 10:
Poster short presentation 2

11:10-12:30 Chair: K. Yanagiuchi and K. Takahashi
Lunch 12:30-13:30 Included in the registration fee.
Please see here.
Session 11:
Poster presentation 1

Odd number
13:30-14:30 Chair: M. Arai and H. Itoh
Session 12:
Poster presentation 2

Even number
14:30-15:30 Chair: T. Ogiwara and H. Tohma
Korea-Japan-China symposium 15:30-19:00 Detailed information will be provided at the conference site.
Closing 19:00-19:10


The official language of the workshop is English.