Scope of the workshop

Scope of the workshop:

bougainvillaea photo by OCVB The international workshop for Surface Analysis and Standardization '09 (iSAS-09) is the first international workshop organized by the Surface Analysis Society of Japan (SASJ). As is widely known for researchers in surface analysis field, the SASJ has successfully organized a series of the international symposia on Practical Surface Analysis (PSA) every three years since 1998. In addition to the PSA, the iSAS is organized as a new series of the international workshop by the SASJ, with a new style of operation.

The scope covered by the iSAS is the same as that of PSA, i.e., applications of surface chemical analysis techniques such as Auger electron spectroscopy, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, electron microprobe analysis, secondary ion mass spectrometry, scanning probe microscopy, etc, in various fields of industry. Standardization, reliability of the techniques, numerical simulations, theoretical calculations, data processing and fundamental investigations contributing to the improvements in surface chemical analysis techniques are also within the scope of the workshop.

Although the iSAS covers the wide range of fields as mentioned above, each iSAS will be organized by focusing its topic. The main topic of the first iSAS, iSAS-09, is "depth profiling", and the tutorials and most of invited talks are assigned to "depth profiling". The topics of poster presentations are not restricted to "depth profiling".

The unique difference in the scopes of the iSAS and PSA is that the iSAS is focused on productive and fruitful discussions among YOUNG researchers working in analytical laboratories, in order to improve their skills, technique, and knowledge. Not only topics related to new data or advanced technique, but also problems arise in routine analytical works are also welcome. To attain this, new several trials to share discussion between presenters and audiences as much as possible, are planned in poster sessions.

All YOUNG researchers interested in the iSAS-09 (of course, those who believe themselves YOUNG and/or have interests in sharing discussions with YOUNG scientists) are invited to attend the Workshop. The iSAS-09 is planned to be held in Okinawa for convenience to researchers who are attending the workshop from foreign countries, in particular, from countries in the East Asia.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Okinawa soon.